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Detailed Residential (houses and flats) surveys in Nottinghamshire.

Quite simply, you cannot buy a property without taking proper independent advice about its condition. The Council of Mortgage Lenders, Which? Magazine, RICS and all Solicitors recommend that you at least have a Housebuyers Report or its equivalent. The mortgage lender may undertake a quick valuation, but this is for their use only in making sure that they dont lend more than the property is worth. This is not a detailed report on the condition of the property and often only takes 20 mins. Our reports have saved our clients thousands of pounds by identifying defects that a mortgage valuation simply would not address and have enabled our clients to often re negotiate the price.

Recent research by Which? and RICS shows that around 25% of buyers who relied on just a mortgage valuation, had to make unplanned repairs to their property after purchase of around £3,500. You can avoid getting your fingers burnt by having a proper condition survey by an experienced Chartered Surveyor. Is it really worth taking the risk?

We offer a full range of property surveys and valuations across Nottinghamshire including:

Housebuyers Report and Valuation/Housebuyers Report PLUS

This is our most popular and cost effective detailed condition survey and valuation, and is suitable for most properties in Nottinghamshire built after 1850. It is a detailed inspection and report on a property's true condition looking at all accessible areas with appropriate advice about what to do next. The report is written in a clear and easy to understand way and will give you all the information that you need as a purchaser to buy your property with confidence. You also get our independent opinion of the value, the insurance rebuilding cost and a section highlighting legal issues to your legal advisor. We usually get Housebuyers Reports back to our clients within three working days of the inspection via email. Our Surveyors are always happy to speak to you both before and after the survey.

We now offer a Housebuyers Report PLUS Survey and Valuation which in addition to the normal Housebuyers Report can also comment on the feasibility of any proposed alterations or extensions. The report also contains colour photos amongst the text to better illustrate the points being discussed. We charge an extra £95 for this service on top of the normal Housebuyers Report fee.

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Full Building Survey.

This is our most in depth building condition survey and valuation, and is suitable for older or larger properties or where renovations/alterations are planned. The Full Building Survey report is tailored to the clients specific requirements and our advice is illustrated by a full schedule of photos amongst the text to give you a better understanding of what is being discussed. The report has more technical information than a Housebuyers Report on the steps required to repair any defects that we find, details about possible concealed defects, the performance of materials and ongoing maintenance advice. We can comment on the feasibility of any proposed works within this report and provide the details of reputable contractors for any repairs needed.

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Property condition report and valuation/sellers survey.

If you are thinking about selling your property it is beneficial to know that your home is free from significant defects, or know what any problems are before your buyer has their survey. We can undertake a detailed Property Condition Report with or without a valuation for you before marketing to identify any areas of concern that would show up on a buyers survey. This could save you time, expense and trouble later on when you find a buyer preventing a future sale falling through. It will also protect you from "Gazundering" when a purchaser tries to renegotiate citing their Surveyors report as the reason.

We will tell you what a mortgage Surveyor acting for a Bank or Building Society would value the property at, identify any legal issues and identify what repairs if any, that they would recommend are needed to your home. You will then be able to put right any problems before you market your property avoiding complications or buyers pulling out later on. The report can be shown to any potential purchaser which should give them the confidence to make an offer. 

This report can also be used if you simply wish to know the condition and value of a property that you currently own for your own peace of mind. 

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Residential Valuation Reports

We are highly experienced in preparing accurate and researched valuation reports on residential property of all types. We undertake a significant number of valuations a year for a range of purposes and justifyably think our experience is unsurpassed. We do not value commercial property.

Our range of clients include private individuals, Solicitors, and banks for a wide range of purposes.

The Valuation Report briefly notes type of construction, accommodation, location, but only identifies defects that significantly affect value. However, this type of report is not generally sufficient to rely upon when buying a property as it does not concentrate on identifying defects. If you want to know about the condition and value of a property you should choose one of our more detailed surveys (Housebuyers Report or Full Building Survey) which also include a valuation.

We also provide rebuilding cost valuations for building insurance purposes to ensure that your property is adequately covered, or where your insurance company want a report on its condition.

There are many reasons for needing a formal valuation report:

  • Housing Associations
  • Help to Buy
  • Homebuy Direct Scheme
  • Buy to Let
  • Probate
  • Taxation
  • Pre Sale
  • Purchasing property
  • Building Insurance valuations

Please call us to discuss your specific requirements. Please note that we do not value Commercial Properties.

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