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So what is a Chartered Surveyor?

What is a Chartered Surveyor?

Chartered Surveyor is the description (protected by law) of Professional Members (MRICS), and Fellows (FRICS) of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). The word Chartered originates from the Royal Charter granted to the world's first professional body of surveyors. Chartered Surveyors are entitled to use "MRICS" or “FRICS” after their names. Only fully qualified and regulated members are entitled to use these designations and call themselves Chartered Surveyors.

Chartered Surveyors will have a Surveying degree and must also have passed the further assessments and interviews known as the Assessment of Professional Competence taken after two or more years of further study and work experience.

Chartered Surveyors are highly trained and experienced property professionals. Surveyors offer impartial, specialist advice on a variety of property related issues and the services. Chartered Surveyors are all insured and very tightly regulated by RICS who undertake checks to ensure that working practices are to the expected high standards.

We are one of the leading firms of Chartered Surveyors in Nottinghamshire covering the whole County. See for more information.



Is your Carbon Monoxide Detector Dangerous?

Following a Which? report two types of carbon monoxide alarms have been removed from sale by both e-Bay and Amazon.

The alarms branded “Bimwo” and “Mudder” have both been proved to be dangerous in tests carried out by the Which? magazine. Tests were being carried out in order, potentially, to label the items as good value for money and good buys, but it ended up with Which? having to label them “don’t buy” and pushing for them to removed from the market.


A surveyors view on adding value to your home

For those of us lucky enough to own property, it can be easy to forget that the building you call home is also your largest financial asset.

For as long as you are simply living in the property without thought of the next stage, its value won’t be your highest concern. But when it comes to selling up, you will be pleased that you put some forethought into achieving the best possible value early.

As surveyors, we’re often asked to consider what could make a given property more valuable and the answer can usually be broken down into two, key sections – space and saleability.


Bingham best place to live


Bingham best for families

The market town of Bingham has been named as the best town in England and Wales to bring up a family, according to a survey by Family Investments. The Nottinghamshire town topped the study which examined factors including schools, childcare provision, affordability and crime levels.

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Cameron remains confident about Help to Buy Scheme

Cameron remains confident

The Prime Minister has vowed that the Government's Help to Buy (H2B) scheme will deliver social mobility and help Britons "move on and up in life". He said H2B was central to his vision for a Britain where hard work and aspiration were rewarded, adding that the initiative was helping many first-time buyers on average earnings to get on to the property ladder. "This is about social mobility. The fact is that without H2B we were beginning to see a country where only people who had wealthy mums and dads who could give them the money for their deposit were able to buy a flat or a house. 'This is' about helping people who don't have rich parents to get on and achieve their dream of home ownership which is why it's so welcome," he said. Separately, Janan Ganesh writes in the FT that H2B is smart politics. He notes that building more homes is the ultimate solution to the housing problem, but adds that bridging the housing gap for many young and middle-aged people priced out of the market will be a vote winner.

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